In recent global surveys, in addition to the well-known visible advantages of an outdoor display campaign, a special point of reference, among others, is the combination that TAXI offers with indoor display. Unique and clutter-free communication for every length of journey is in front of every consumer-passenger.

It integrates activity into the campaign and strengthens it with multiplier benefits High Impact: (eg the use of QR CODE that leads to additional information or benefits and combines out of home promotion with digital media). DOOH (Digital Out Of Home). Combining OOH and mobile advertising increases engagement rates by up to 48% (Source Marketing Week Issue No 1619/20/9/2021/ Editorial)

The average daily distance covered by a TAXI in any major Greek city is 280 kilometers.

As a stand-alone advertising tool or as a part of your integrated campaign, INTERNEED TAXIs will get your message to the entire city, 24 hours a day. Τhe TAXIs of INTERNEED are seen and used by every target-group we wish to attract, from the housewife and the businessman,

to the tourist and the high-income consumer, offering zero clutter. Each month 1.200-3.000 passengers use each one of our 6594 TAXIs depending on the season and the city. These measurements show only a part of the coverage since ΤΑΧΙs are seen by all those people who move and live in an urban environment.

Τhe ΤΑΧΙ offers exclusive use with extremely low CPT. The nature of the medium offers constructive communication and, most importantly, great disparity since it moves everywhere, continuously, even to places where no other means of transport can approach.