A TAXI passenger spends 10-45 minutes inside a vehicle during a journey. This valuable time is an excellent opportunity to target your audience and take advantage of our beautifully designed pockets of leaflets that are placed by INTERNEED in the passenger compartment. Now, the TAXI client can become your own client.


90% of taxi passengers belong to a premium audience, with financial flexibility and purchasing power.

During each route, with an average duration of 5 to 15 minutes, they are in an isolated and comfortable environment, uninterrupted, without being exposed to external messages and stimuli.

The Tip Seats service provides advertisers with the ideal opportunity to communicate the unique message that will reach the specific audience during the journey, under ideal conditions and having the opportunity to provide any kind of information or detail. In addition, through QR codes or written web page addresses, it can direct smartphone or tablet passenger passengers to the website of the advertised business.

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