Digital Taxi is a service that brings the digital revolution to our fleet and our clients. We use digital communication to present ads to every passenger the moment he/she starts his/her journey. It is a new, innovative advertisement service offering absolute control of impressions since the message is only transmitted when the passenger enters the vehicle and during the journey. The INTERNEED reporting system uses a separate data-base that registers every broadcast and hence, keeps a track of the spots that every passenger is exposed to. Our clients receive the reports at the end of their advertising program. Digital Taxi service brings your client to absolute contact with your message inside a captive environment allowing you to attract his/her attention.



Free spot, as a basic service provided by Digital Taxi, is the random transmission of spots which begins as soon as the passenger enters the vehicle.


POI - GEO fence

With the use of technology, we can promote products and services at the very moment the vehicle (Digital Taxi) moves towards or approaches the specific area (GEO FENCE) that our client and their business is located (POI).
With this service our clients can:
• promote special offers of products and services
• promote products that are placed in specific spots of their store that differentiates them from competition
• notify passengers of the area that they can find our client’s business.



Privileged position: As soon as the system recognizes that a passenger embarked, the transmission of the spot begins giving our client the first, privileged position. In order to guarantee clear transmission of the audiovisual message, our system “lowers” the intensity of all other devices in the TAXI. Once the system is activated a standard message begins that informs the passenger that a message will begin attracting at the same time his/her attention.



The POI & Flag combination enhances communication and multiplies the benefits of the Digital Taxi service. The advertising message may differ in every choice (POI or FLAG). Thus, the message can be placed as a privileged message at the beginning of the transmission of all the spots while during the POI procedure a specific product, service and special offer that differentiates our client from competition can be effectively promoted.

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